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  1. jezzasin

    sub box idea

    as im moving onto the sounds part of my car instead of looks or power i saw this idea for a sub box its different cos you can have it ported or sealed, any thoughts on the idea
  2. Andy_Mk3

    Routing Cables...

    Ok I was looking in my car today trying to figure out the bast way to route cables from my head unit to the boot for my sub. I want all the wires hidden as much as possible. Eventually I thought I'll ask on here.. so how have you guys done it? Ta :)
  3. Drizz

    JL Audio 12W6V2 and empty boxes

    I have a Dual 4ohm 12W6V2. had about 2hrs use at 4ohm. Comes in brand new carpeted sealed box, made to JLs specification. Original packaging is also included. Looking for £200. Also have a pair of ported boxes for 12W6V2s with the L shaped port as built to JLs Specs. Both uncarpeted and are...