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  1. R

    Cooling fan relay

    Hi, i'm having a problem with the cooling fan not turning on and i've checked everything except the relay. Some friends said that's located on the back of the fuse box but i can't figure out wich one it is. Can someone help me spot it or has a diagram? Mine is a GLS (C20NE) with AC. Thanks...
  2. jezzasin

    sub box idea

    as im moving onto the sounds part of my car instead of looks or power i saw this idea for a sub box its different cos you can have it ported or sealed, any thoughts on the idea
  3. TomF

    My fibreglass sub box build

    Im having a go at making a custom sub box that is going to be moulded to the shape of the boot side so that it wont take up much space. Using fibreglass to create the back of the box then will use 18mm mdf to make the sides, top and front. First step was to mask up the boot side so that the...