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  1. jezzasin

    redoing brake pipes

    on my last M.O.T i had an advisery stating i need to do left and right brake pipes front to back as they are excessivly corroded, now i need to do them for the new one but is it an eay job to do if i have the pipe flaring kit and what should i use for the pipes, ive been told copper is a good...
  2. Alex

    Odds and Sods: Brakes, lights, mfd, etc....

    Got a few bits knocking about that I want rid of as well as a few bts that are still on the various cars I have knocking about my garden :lol: This list will be updated daily so check back soon to see what's been added. Standard Ph2 Sport rear lights, I have 2 sets of these looking for £6 per...
  3. pdc78502

    gsi brake calipers

    gsi brake calipers good condition location in stafford collection £30