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  1. Aber-Astra

    Any1 wanna buy a car?

    Getting well and truly ****ed off lately, with putting her through the MOT and the cost involved in that, today i've gone and cracked my GSi bumper :/ doesnt sound like much but i'm just fed up of it now. On a plus side though it has motivated me to finish doing my smoothed front bumper...
  2. S

    Astra GLS mk3 front bumper

    Hi all, i have recently brought the above mentioned car of some lad a know who clearly has no idea how to drive at a bargain price of £120 - already i've replaced the lower wishbone on the drivers side and n/s/f indicator unit as he decided to drive into both sides of an embankment...
  3. MKDave

    Free or cheap

    Nothing major, but might be useful to someone. All came from my standard PH2 MK3 1.7DT LS Orange side repeaters (original MK3 ones) Pair, perfect condition. £FREE Fuse box cover Grey, perfect condition £FREE Both front electric window switches Perfect condition, fully working...
  4. Fezzy_04

    BODYWORK GURU'S!! - adjusting a fibreglass bumper?

    hi guys, need some help with a bumper? iv just had my new front bumper delivered and as expected it doesnt quite fit. its not far off but just underneath the wings it doesnt seem to fit right? beeen told its an error in the mould? now is there anyway of adjusting the bumper? as in heating it up...