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  1. Varnis9

    My astra C20XE conversion project

    Hi all I always wanted to start my own diary of my astra c20xe conversion. I have been restoring the car since 2017 (!!) when I came back to Cyprus from the UK and finally got a c20xe in my hands. We had the car in the family since 1997, basically from new, and I have always taken good care of...
  2. ADZ

    Astra Bits for sale or free

    Hey guys, I sold my Astra but I have a few bits left over that I need rid of. C16SE engine - free to a good home - 99000 miles on the clock will need stripped and reconditioned (might do someone for parts), was mixing water and oil towards the end but not cooked as I was careful with it, was...
  3. Carlos

    Astra CDX to C20XE, broken but being fixed!

    Okay, im new to MK3OC, im actually new to this whole format of things altogether, so some advice would help, cuz navigating this site is a bitch when youre new. Anyway, got a 2 litre ecotec, with a C20XE redtop in. Had the car four days, blown up twice, so me and some other mk3 owners have...
  4. onurbfg

    Mk3 GSI from TURKIYE

    '94 GSI Remapped&de-cat 162 hp - Front & rear Strut brace - Cyristal Rear lights - Gray Leather - 17" Kyowa wheels with 205 45 17 tyres
  5. lee-roy

    lee-roys cabby

    i picked up my new car from where the m25 meets the m1 the other day so it was a bit of a treck to go and get it but imo well worth it, cost me £500 for a L reg convertible 2.0 8v with clifford alarm and imob all elec (witch all work) 12 months mot and 6 months tax and all round good cond for...
  6. G

    fuel pump question

    hi does any1 know if my c18xe fuel pump fit the dizzy type c20xe or will i need to upgrade it an will my power streering fit c20xe cheers dave
  7. K

    Anyone Know A Garage Thatll Do Engine Conversions Near Dorset

    Hi im New to mk3oc i want to put a c20xe into my mk3 astra ive phoned around and not many garages do an engine conversion! i know one garage but i dont trust the employees lol anyone got any advice on where to go? cheers karl
  8. ellis666

    eco**** to xe 3 door sport..

    Hi folks ive owned the car a few months now it started life as a 2ltr ecotec sport i bought it for £400 with a snapped timing belt the engine was in bits in the boot.. it had only bent 2 valves so i took a gamble and snapped it up it had the cav wheels on and a set of m3 mirrors and the...
  9. Astra_Kelly

    My 5dr XE Project

    just got this today. alex (astra alex) went and got it today. big thank you to astra ben for taking him down to get it. its a 1.4 mpi Ls, its lowered by 35 mm this is how it looked when he picked it up. alex fitted some new bits when he brought it back after a quick...