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  1. Alex

    MK3OC Calendar Cover Vote - The Decider

    Following on from the previous vote (http://www.mk3oc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=52290) we had a 3 way tie for the cover. So this poll is here to decide this, the poll is only open for 24 hours and is only between those 3, so hopefully we can decide the cover. Number 1 Number 2...
  2. Alex

    MK3OC Calender Cover Vote

    Right then guys and gals After lots of deliberation we have chosen the final 13, so what we need now is for you guys to vote on who gets to be on the cover. Voting will close on monday at 23:42 :lol: So look below to see what picture you want to vote for and make a note of the...
  3. Alex

    MK3OC 2010 Calendar Photo Competition Discussion & Entry Submission

    As per last year we are looking at getting some calendars made up for 2010. So we're again looking for people to submit their pictures for consideration into the calendar, we are looking for 13 pictures for the calendar. The photos need to be no smaller than 1665 pixels x 1325 pixels...