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central meet

  1. Alex

    Anyone up for a June meet?

    As above, I know it's the same month as PV so we could just do a cheepy meet, was thinking either pub meet again or to be different how about a BBQ meet?
  2. Alex

    Meet Sunday 24th May

    Hi guys As we're saving the go-karting meet for later in the year with an aim to making it a huge meet with other regions I thought we may as well still have a meet this month. So how a bout a meet at The Turnpike in Northampton @ say 12 o'clock. It's where we had our Feb meet for those...
  3. Alex

    April Meet

    Hi guys For april we are using the multi region Ludlow meet as our official meet for the month. Details can be found here: http://www.mk3oc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42764 It looks like it's going to be a very good turnout, hopefully some of you guys will be able to attend :thumb:
  4. K

    February 2009 Meet Pictures

    Photos! Didn't take many so wont bother with a new thread... If anyone wants a new pair of boobies, our Arkham is your man! and one for any Welshies looking in...
  5. Alex

    Next Meet Location?

    This will be end of feb beginning of March meet as i'm off on my hols soon :lol: But have added a poll to this thread to see where people would prefer the meet to be held. The Options are: 1). Northampton - Good access from the M1, A43, A14, etc.... 2). Milton Keynes - Good access from...
  6. Alex

    November/December meet?

    Anyone up for a meet round the end of November beginning of december time?