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  1. J

    Astra G Bertone Cabriolet Fuse Location etc

    Please try to help, when closing my roof it stopped dead about 6 inches from closed and does not work at all now, using a 4mm allen key I have now managed to wind it closed completely, any ideas what the problem is, where is the fuse located, and, where I might be able to find someone who knows...
  2. J

    Wanted - Astra mk3

    Hi, I am looking for an Astra Mk3 for my girlfriend to buy to learn to drive in. Located in the south west. Budget of roughly £300 as it will be used for learning and I’ll likely spend half my time spending money on it. Any style Astra MK3 considers except the Estate, it is simply too big for...
  3. TobyT

    '96 Cabby

    Had this Cabby for about six months now. Completly standard when I got it; 1.6 8v, fabric interior. Mechanically sound and went through the MOT no problems. The rear drivers side window didn't work, the motor had burned out and the switch was broken. Also the drivers seat was buckled and...
  4. lee-roy

    lee-roys astra

    im quite a way in to doing stuff to my car but there is still loads left on my wish list, with the death of my last astra 1.4 spi [/IMG] i needed a mk3 quick so i found a 1.7td for £240, a month down the line the head gasket went so i thought it was time for a redtop, i've not got any...
  5. KROW

    Will a standard wide-arch kit fit a cabby?

    As in title really, will go well with my plans but need to know if it'll fit, does anyone know? standard skirts do, so I'd imagine it will, maybe need a little work at the back??
  6. Figgz

    Opel Astra MK3 Convertible

    Opel Astra MK3 Convertible - new pics from photo session! Yes, this is an Opel and not a Vauxhall. :) Around 3 weeks ago I bought another car, one of several Opels I've owned but my first Astra MK3. The only reason I bought it was that it was a convertible. The car is an Astra -94 with C20NE...