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  1. jezzasin

    escort wrc bumper

    as above how easy would it be to fit as i've seen one on o random 3l v6 estate i saw on google, and just by luck i have one lyin around in the shed. it does look right for some reason even tho it aint for the car
  2. jezzasin

    custom made door cards

    has anyone on here ever made their own door cards, if so can i get some advice from you on how to make them and what materials to use i was thinking of an mdf base cut to the shape of the original card but with custom handles and speaker pods, that way i can screw the whole board to the door...
  3. Aber-Astra

    custom bumper / one-off

    right, just got hold of a new front bumper with fogs and am thinking of modifying it with an extension/splitter made from the top of my old bumper bonded on upside down and smoothed (yes i know its odd and sounds stupid as hell but i have been awake for over 50hrs and had a brain fart at...
  4. C

    Progress of My GSI

    Progress of My GSI to C20 LET Power The first post is also posted in "Your rides" I am gonna do this backwards, as the Car I am told has had £1000`s of pounds spent on it with Dynatec in Reading ATM I just know that the car has lowered suspension, Drilled rear disks, an OMP strut brace...