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  1. Plugg4

    Intermittent EML

    Hello all! This is my first post, so go easy. Hope everyone is okay. I have a slight issue with my MK3 Astra. The EML comes on usually at a high speed but then turns off below 30MPH. It's a 1993, - C14SE. I'm a but stumped so any advise or possible solution would be great! Thank you
  2. JerryS

    X16XEL Engine Warning Light EML MOT fail.

    Just dropped the car off for it's MOT. As I always do I mentioned the EML was stuck on and not to worry - it's got a Fuel Pump Relay Voltage code I gave up trying to cure years ago. This year however I've been told the rules have changed - it's a fail and needs to be fixed. They said they'll see...
  3. rickisgrate

    C25XE intermittent problem

    Been having a few problems with my C25XE. Sometimes its fine other times theres no power and the EML comes on, sometines theres no power and the EML doesnt come on. Today I cleaned out the throttle body and AFM and took off the air filter, took it out for a run just now and it was going...
  4. onlygreg


    So I've got my car back from the bodyshop with all the damage to the front repaired. Now my EML comes on about 10 times in a 5 mile drive to town for about 30secs a time. Don't think it's to do with the crash as it did it before just not so much. For what reasons would the EML come on...