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  1. TomVauxhall

    X20xev ecotec engine

    X20xev engine. 2.0 16v ecotec 80,000 miles Removed from a 1998 astra gsi phase 2 Fits astra, calibra, cavalier, corsa etc Comes with both manifolds. Ecu, ecu loom. Coil and leads. No starter motor, no gearbox, no airbox, no mounts Engine is belted up but would advise new belt and water pump...
  2. Claire

    X20XEV Engine Parts

    I'm breaking my X20XEV so pretty much all engine parts are available apart from the water pump and the head :lol: For example: Rocker cover and cambelt cover £25 the pair, £15 each. Throttle body £10 Exhaust manifold £20 AFM £10 So, any other parts you require let me know. I'll...
  3. Alex

    Painted/powdercoated Yellow subframe

  4. Astramerit

    Question about ecotech...

    Why have ecotech engines got a bad reputation?! (i.e ecowreck!) I don't have one, just wondering what it's all about! Rhys
  5. pdc78502

    engine mount help

    hi does anyone know where i could get ane engine mount for my 1.8 sport astra mk3 it a rear engine many thanks
  6. A

    engine codes question....

    Bear with me cause i'm used to VW's and i'm a bit of a noob at this.... when checking my oil earlier i noticed the engine code stamped on the block was X16SZR. but i thought all the X prefixes were to denote a 16 valve, and C prefix denoted 8 valves, when mine is just an 8v premier... ???