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  1. jezzasin

    estate rear lights

    is there anythin else out there for the estate/van apart from either payin a few hundred for dark ones or crappy tinting?? i did have the idea of moving the lights to somewhere like the rear window or bumper but that went out the window like 5 min after openin a topic on it lol, but, i have...
  2. D

    astra mk3 estate kits

    ok i have seen an astra estate mk3 i like and am thinking of getting it but i want to know what sort of exterior mods can i do....if poss pics and limnks would be nice thanks in advance
  3. ScrappyDoo

    astra mk3 monster truck

    should this be made into reality have the capabilities through work and friends that this could be constructed yes if it was to be made it would be taken to shows and never know maybe even make tv lol this is what one of my mates made its over 7ft tall and on land rover running gear