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  1. JerryS

    1.6 X16XEL Exhaust Repair

    Car was getting noisy - actually started sounding really good but realised the centre pipe was about to fall away. Vauxhall Green supplied a nice new centre section that went straight on (once I'd got the rear box off). Did notice on ebay there were some replacement centre pipes which omit the...
  2. onlygreg

    Electrical Problems

    I'd like to be more specific in the title but it's hard! I bought a 1.4i R-reg Astra about 2 months ago and there's a few problems. The first noticeable problem was a headlight out, so I bought a new bulb and changed it (which was bloody difficult thanks to that air filter!). This didn't...
  3. D

    1996 (N) Mk3 Astra GLS 1.4 16v (Modified)

    1996 (N) Vauxhall Astra GLS Atlantis Blue 1.4 16v 116,000 miles Full Years MOT Tax till end of August £1000 or ANY OFFERS Exterior: Lowered 40mm all round Genuine Reiger Front Bumper (ABS Plastic) Gsi Sideskirts (Modified to fit 5 door) Rear bumper Valance Angel Eye...
  4. Rage

    universal back box FREE

    as above free to whoever wants to collect it it could do with a clean but it makes a nice noise the make is japcan from customchrome you will have to make up a bracket or just do as i did and weld the bracket shown onto the rear leg of the chassis ill try to get a daylight picture up...