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forum updates

  1. Alex

    Forum Announcements Latest Updates - 4th September 2009

    Have now finished installing the latest updates onto the forum. We are now running the software. I have also updated some of our add-ons. There has also been a couple of new add-ons installed, but they won't be going live for a little while yet as they need some customising. You will also...
  2. Alex

    Forum Announcements Forum Downtime, Friday 4th Sept @ 09:30

    As above really so we can install the latest updates available for the forum software and the add-ons we use. Thanks MK3OC Admin Team
  3. Alex

    Forum Announcements Latest Updates

    This morning the forum software has ben updated to the latest version, there are no feature additions as it was just bug fixes. iTrader has been updated to the latest version, which also includes a handy overview page which can be found from the 'Community' drop down menu on the navbar. A...
  4. Alex

    Forum Announcements Downtime: Saturday 2nd May @ Midnight

    Hi guys There will be some forum downtime on Saturday 2nd May, the boards will be switched off from midnight so i can install some updates and some new colour schemes for you to enjoy. The updates shouldn't take any longer than an hour to do with any luck. Thanks MK3OC Admin Team
  5. Alex

    Newest Updates

    Finally finished updating the forum and getting the domains to switch over. There are quite a few changes to the forum software most noticeably the new 'Community' drop down menu on the navbar which is where the social groups are located, these have had a major overhaul in this version of...