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  1. Davegsi19

    Mk3 Astra 3 door window seal

    Hi , looking for a good condition window seal that goes around the outside of the drivers side door window on the mk3 gsi , 3 door. Mine has corroded metal Inside the seal and it’s swollen out slightly ! If anyone has one can you let me know ! Thanks :bounce:
  2. J

    Irmscher Side Skirts MK3 Astra

    Hi, currently "culling" my collection of MK3 Astra parts that I have collected over the years, at the moment I have listed my Irmscher Side Skirts on eBay. As you are well aware and I won't for one second try and think that any of you are naive or insult anyone when it comes to Astra MK3 parts...
  3. J

    GSi Front Grill (Flame Red)

    I am currently clearing out my collection of Astra MK3 Parts that I have accumulated over the years of owning various Mk3's. I am selling the Front Grill from my old GSi on eBay. Please find the link below: Vauxhall Astra Mk3 GSi Front Grill Red | eBay Any questions please drop me a...
  4. R

    Coolant pipes.

    Hello! I've got a 1991 (apperently) opel astra GSI. This car had a new engine put in it on 2006, wasn't even ran then left for 12 years and I'm now getting it going again. It's a properly built rally car, the last time it was running was in a race in Chile in South America. I have a pipe...
  5. Fleety

    Front Caliper carriers gsi

    Im after some caliper carriers for my mk3 gsi. Anyone got some lying about?
  6. TomVauxhall

    X20xev ecotec engine

    X20xev engine. 2.0 16v ecotec 80,000 miles Removed from a 1998 astra gsi phase 2 Fits astra, calibra, cavalier, corsa etc Comes with both manifolds. Ecu, ecu loom. Coil and leads. No starter motor, no gearbox, no airbox, no mounts Engine is belted up but would advise new belt and water pump...
  7. TomVauxhall

    Phase 2 gsi parts

    ** CAR IS NOT BREAKING. ONLY THE PARTS THAT ARE LISTED FOR SALE*** Astra gsi phase 2 irmscher spoiler in white with 3rd brakelight Small split at the top where it meets the roof. Hardly noticeable and easily fixed. £45 spoiler and bare bootlid with glass ( bootlid will need work as it has...
  8. TomVauxhall

    Mk4 gsi in red TomVauxhall

    daily driver while I build my mk3. Got hold of some coupe turbo alloys and had them painted in white.
  9. TomVauxhall

    Phase 2 gsi to phase 1 gsi c20let

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member but I've always read the forums and owned astra's. Recently started a new project so I thought I'd make a build diary... I'll get some pictures up asap
  10. rickisgrate

    Front GSi Seats *free*

    gotta pair of front GSi seats i dont need, the passengers side only has a small hole in one of the bosters and the drivers is quite worn on one bolster but not worn through and theres no foam sagging on any of them. These will be binned on sunday if nobody expresses interest, free front gsi...
  11. Carlos

    Gsi Bumper, Grille, Will Pick Up, Cash WAITING!

    Hi, i'm after front and back gsi bumper, gsi grille and gsi bonnet and gsi spoiler? Have cash waiting if you have ANY of these, and if you're close to Northamptonshire, will pick up. Close, being Leicester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Norwich area. Cash Waiting
  12. pdc78502

    WANTED!!!!! gsi rear lights

    Wanted gsi rear light in good condition cash waiting plz post pics and prices inc postage to st17 cheers, paul
  13. Alex

    Odds and Sods: Brakes, lights, mfd, etc....

    Got a few bits knocking about that I want rid of as well as a few bts that are still on the various cars I have knocking about my garden :lol: This list will be updated daily so check back soon to see what's been added. Standard Ph2 Sport rear lights, I have 2 sets of these looking for £6 per...
  14. Opel_Jay

    **Breaking Astra Gsi**

    I have a few parts from astra gsi if any one interested... List below with price.. Trades parts are welcome if parts are usefull to me.. Cheers, Jay =)
  15. Alex

    ABS Pin 19

    Does anyone know where Pin 19 from the ABS system on a 92 GSi goes to? Apparently i can run electronic clocks off it as i had TC as well, but want to know if there is a place inside the car to pick it up and what colour wire it would be as don't fancy having to run another wire into the...
  16. vizier

    White GSi 3.2V6 the full story (pic heavy)

    I thought is was time I opened up my own project topic on here :) (apology's in advance for the spelling and choice of words, im dutch ;)) Ive got a white mk3 GSi 3.2V6 waiting to go thru the dutch mot Here's' the story from the beginning This is how it looked like when I...
  17. onlygreg

    Spotted White GSI K***CVS (or similar plate)

    Anyone on here?? Looked gorgeous!
  18. Aber-Astra

    GSi clusters

    hi, just curious as to how much GSi rear light clusters can be picked up for, as im looking at buying some to de-tango
  19. DavebGsi

    wanted n/s (passenger side) rear gsi light

    wanted n/s (passenger side) rear gsi light, good condition, no scratches, no broken tags doesn't matter if its de tango'd or not cause im gona de tango it im a tight ass too so i want it cheap :p cheers
  20. Aber-Astra

    just bought ph1 GSi skirts

    hi, as per title i've just bought some ph1 GSi skirts to fit on my 5 door :doh: (also got a GSi spoiler in on the deal all delivered for £60) which i thought was pretty good.. now i know cutting and fitting the skirts is going to create a lot of work but that doesn't really bother me, just...