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  1. onlygreg

    Had a little crash

    Slipped on ice in a carpark last night and slammed the car into a bollard. Wasn't going that fast at all, and before I hit it I thought "awww ****, I really don't want to scratch my car", then BANG! Front right headlight, indicator and fog light has smashed. Bonnet has crumpled, grille has...
  2. Andy_Mk3

    Routing Cables...

    Ok I was looking in my car today trying to figure out the bast way to route cables from my head unit to the boot for my sub. I want all the wires hidden as much as possible. Eventually I thought I'll ask on here.. so how have you guys done it? Ta :)
  3. Claire

    Sony CDX-S2000

    Selling my Sony headunit as I got a new one for xmas. It's the Sony CDX-S2000 and for a spec see here: http://www.sony.co.uk/product/ica-cd-tuners/cdx-s2000/tab/technicalspecs The aerial plug has been cut off but it wouldn't be difficult to put another one on. Apart from that it works...
  4. virtualwaggy

    radio code

    Just bought myself an astra 1.4 Mk3 and cant get stereo code anyone know where i can get code or if anyone can supply the info from details below. serial number is GM0300V6108071 other numbers are...... 7 645 852 520 90 532 620 stereo is a blaupunkt Car 300 Thanks very much...