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kev_g pictures

  1. Kev_mk3

    VXR Performance Centre Open Day

    Went on a trip to the VXR Performance Centre Open day at there HQ sunday. Cracking day out there and nice to look around the place. Here are some pictures nothing spectacular but here goes - more to come....................
  2. Kev_mk3

    Kevs Pv Pics

    Yes i was there ;) Big thanks to Andy for the ticket and ride :nod: Once the rain stopped i got a few pictures but then the camera died so used my Blackberry No editing blah blah blah as i cant be bothered - some are out of focus a little as i was shaking like a vibrator i was frozen and soaked
  3. Kev_mk3

    What A Trip

    Friday we set out to the ring in the Trusty Astra Diesel ;) (mind you it is a 888 mk5 astra diesel :lol:) Without any issues we set off at 1am Friday and arrived at the Burgstube Hotel around 2/3pm on the Friday only about half a hour after our friends who set off nearly 4 hours ahead of us...
  4. Kev_mk3

    Mig N/W Meet Jan 09

    Few people turned up as it was a dam cold windy day. Only got a few snaps as we where to busy Drinking coffee inside :lol: