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  1. Astraguy09

    South Central meet - 3rd October

    Hello chaps. I would like to arrange a MK3OC meeting for the South central region, I know that im not the regional co-ordinator, but been talking with Mr Moran and its all good. Right the location is Holy hill in Southampton, Directions and info can be found here: Click here so thats...
  2. S

    South Coast meet 5th July

    Sorry its short notice, i have had limited access to the internet. anyone want a meet tomorrow (sunday the 5th) Around lunchtime or early evening? I was thinking we could just go to a pub for a drink. only the one of course lol. I know of two decent pubs with large car parks, the first being...
  3. Alex

    Multi Region Go-Karting Meet

    Cancelled due to lack of interest
  4. Aber-Astra

    my ironbridge pics

    i know its late but only just found my camera lead... thanks to everyone for making my 1st meet a memorable one. and of course, the obligatory mint mk1