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  1. S

    manual for TOAD

    Hi i'm new and have just bought a secondhand astra mk3 merit that has a TOAD A101CL fitted and was wondering if anyone had the instruction manuel for one that they could email me with also looking for the instructions for a PS2 JT10928 Parking sensor as they did not come with the van:doh...
  2. Astramerit


    Hey guys and gals I recently bought an old astra merit 1.4, and i am going to be booking it in for an MOT later on, and i was just wondering if anyone knew any particular things to look out for with this model? it's a P reg, done a little over 100k, only paid £200 for it though, i just...
  3. c0mrade

    1.4 merit stalling

    This is my first post so hi all... Basicly i bought a 1.4 merit a few weeks ago within 2 days it cut out on me i had trouble starting it then it drove fine, Now nearly everytime i drive the car it will loose all power eml light comes on and the car slows then dies and i have to wait 5min...
  4. Andy_Mk3

    Mk3 - 5 Years in Barn

    Greetings everyone, I'm new here! I'll briefly introduce myself first, I'm Andy, I'm 15 years old (16 in May), and I quite simply love cars and working on them. Especially trying to get them going again. So when I found out about an Astra that had been stored in a barn for 5 years, I jumped...