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mk3 astra

  1. Plugg4

    Intermittent EML

    Hello all! This is my first post, so go easy. Hope everyone is okay. I have a slight issue with my MK3 Astra. The EML comes on usually at a high speed but then turns off below 30MPH. It's a 1993, - C14SE. I'm a but stumped so any advise or possible solution would be great! Thank you
  2. Davegsi19

    Mk3 Astra 3 door window seal

    Hi , looking for a good condition window seal that goes around the outside of the drivers side door window on the mk3 gsi , 3 door. Mine has corroded metal Inside the seal and it’s swollen out slightly ! If anyone has one can you let me know ! Thanks :bounce:
  3. R

    Fuel Injection Pump - X17DT

    Hey, I got an used Astra MK3 Van (GM Engine), and I swap the engine and wiring for the Isuzu engine (TC4EE1), however I bought the Fuel Injection Pump after it. And I have a problem, my Fuel Injection Pump has 3 wires, and my wiring from the car has only 1 to connect to the pump? The wire's...
  4. S

    Astra GLS mk3 front bumper

    Hi all, i have recently brought the above mentioned car of some lad a know who clearly has no idea how to drive at a bargain price of £120 - already i've replaced the lower wishbone on the drivers side and n/s/f indicator unit as he decided to drive into both sides of an embankment...