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  1. norman

    1995 Vauxhall Astra MK3 - 1.4 Petrol - Automatic - 5 Door - Excellent Condition

    Hi and thanks for looking. Selling my 1995 Vauxhall Astra MK3 Automatic - 1.4 Petrol - 5 Door It has a genuine 48,000 miles and the condition of the car is immaculate in my opinion. Modern bluetooth radio fitted. Bad point - Reverse gear is hard to initiate (it does go into reverse) and the...
  2. Mogge_960

    astra mk3 Ute/pickup!?

    I have bin thinking about building a pickup/Ute from a mk3 estate for a while now, and I was wondering if it wood be Possible? I made a design on the computer how i like to build it. what do you guys think? should I build it like the picture? Ps. sorry for my bad English, I'm Swedish :)
  3. R

    Fuel Injection Pump - X17DT

    Hey, I got an used Astra MK3 Van (GM Engine), and I swap the engine and wiring for the Isuzu engine (TC4EE1), however I bought the Fuel Injection Pump after it. And I have a problem, my Fuel Injection Pump has 3 wires, and my wiring from the car has only 1 to connect to the pump? The wire's...
  4. Z

    Another (Different) Mk3 Newb

    Good Day All, As much as I would love to slap a supercharger or a turbo onto the engine and have a surge in power I know this is a near impossible task (Having done some research) without a lot of time and effort. I would appreciate some advice on the best areas (notorious faults) within the...
  5. Atlantis


    hi guys so i made a thread earlier on about my astra c18xe misfiring. whilst driving it lost power and cut out. i limped back home somehow and tried to diagnose the fault. i checked compression on cylinders, all perfect. vacuum pipes were good aswell. i changed the coil pack twice, spark plugs...
  6. J

    X 16 XEL Engine problems

    Hi, my mk3 with a X 16 XEL engine started spluttering and running rough like someone had flicked a switch on the way home from work on Sunday. Fearing the worst I pulled over and checked it over it. No oil in the water, no mayo on the oil cap, nothing tapping so drove it steadily home. Took it...
  7. Atlantis


    i have a 1994 mk3 atra 1.8 sport.. started with a rough idle, as i suspect its the icv. then on dual carriage way something happened to the car and it lost its power. i somehow limped back home and checked out what was happening. i checked the spark plugs and they was bad so i replaced them. i...
  8. Atlantis

    MK3 Stereo Radio Problem

    hi guys so I have a mk3 astra with its original grundig sc 303 cassette player. I have my sony n5100bt which I want to put in the astra, for some odd reason the sony does not seem to work. I was fighting with this problem a couple days now I got so angry I literally cut the car's connectors and...
  9. TomVauxhall

    Phase 2 gsi to phase 1 gsi c20let

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member but I've always read the forums and owned astra's. Recently started a new project so I thought I'd make a build diary... I'll get some pictures up asap
  10. Sportstr@

    Phase 2 headlight eyebrows

    As in title.....never fitted but painted silver/gold ish colour...vx ral iirc £20 posted ........ Or can collect from me in margate and price is £15 leave a post here but may take a while to reply..so if you rather..you can ring me on 07878117335
  11. Andy_Mk3

    Figz's Astra Duo Project

    Ok here we go folks! Here's my diary for my first car. Astra Mk3 1.6 8v Duo I picked it up on Monday 22nd December for £350. There's hardly any rust on it and it really is a solid car, very good buy as far as I'm concerned :) It's got just over 127k on the clock, so just run-in nicely :P My...
  12. Andy_Mk3

    I've finally got myself a mk3

    Yes, at last and after the dissapointment on Saturday, my dad saw a mk3 parked up somewhere for sale. So tonight I went for a look, and bought it there and then :) So the first pics of when I got it back home.. (continued on next page cos of damn limit) So it's a 1.6 8v...
  13. D

    astra mk3 estate kits

    ok i have seen an astra estate mk3 i like and am thinking of getting it but i want to know what sort of exterior mods can i do....if poss pics and limnks would be nice thanks in advance
  14. K

    Anyone Know A Garage Thatll Do Engine Conversions Near Dorset

    Hi im New to mk3oc i want to put a c20xe into my mk3 astra ive phoned around and not many garages do an engine conversion! i know one garage but i dont trust the employees lol anyone got any advice on where to go? cheers karl
  15. KinG^Lee

    My Astra 1.4 to V6

    So here we go :) thought ill do a little diary will be making some nice progress on my motor over the next year i hope. This is my first car and im learning things as i go so all feedback is welcome positive and negative don't be afraid to say that looks **** :) i learn more from my mistakes...