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  1. Alex

    Recommend an MOT station

    As above really i need an MOT station that's good, but not anal :lol: Also somewhere that can do low cars
  2. Alex

    Replacing Lost MOT Certificate

    Basically I can find the MOT certificate for the Estate i got, have checked it online and it is showing as MOT'd till May, so how can i get another certificate for it without having to get another MOT done? Thanks
  3. onlygreg

    MOT today......

    IT PASSED!! I'm well chuffed as I was gonna scrap it if it was a fail! No advisories at all! They did the front discs and pads before hand. 12 months to go till the next one!
  4. Astramerit


    Hey guys and gals I recently bought an old astra merit 1.4, and i am going to be booking it in for an MOT later on, and i was just wondering if anyone knew any particular things to look out for with this model? it's a P reg, done a little over 100k, only paid £200 for it though, i just...