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phase 1

  1. TomVauxhall

    Phase 2 gsi to phase 1 gsi c20let

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member but I've always read the forums and owned astra's. Recently started a new project so I thought I'd make a build diary... I'll get some pictures up asap
  2. Aber-Astra

    just bought ph1 GSi skirts

    hi, as per title i've just bought some ph1 GSi skirts to fit on my 5 door :doh: (also got a GSi spoiler in on the deal all delivered for £60) which i thought was pretty good.. now i know cutting and fitting the skirts is going to create a lot of work but that doesn't really bother me, just...
  3. onlygreg


    Do non-gsi phase 1 grills fit a non-gsi phase 2 astra?