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  1. J

    Astra mkiv G 2006 Bertone Cabriolet Canvas Roof Problem

    Hi everyone. Please try to help, when closing my roof it stopped dead about 6 inches from closed and does not work at all now, using a 4mm allen key I have now managed to wind it closed completely, any ideas what the problem is, where I might be able to find someone who knows about them, I'm in...
  2. Aber-Astra

    Bit of an odd one..

    I've recently fitted an Amp to run my 6x9's (just an old cheap one kindly donated by my step-brother) this is it: but since doing it, when the H/U volume is turned down or on low i get strange noises through my speakers. 1. A noise from the fuel pump priming on ignition 2. A horrid...
  3. Astramerit

    Radiator fan trouble

    Hello helpers! I have 2 astra mk3's, one is a merit, one is an LS, my grandad has a merit and we used to have an artic in the family (i was too young to drive then!) and with all of these cars, the same problem has come up....the radiator fan only works on full power (4)! nothing on 1, 2, or...