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  1. R

    Coolant pipes.

    Hello! I've got a 1991 (apperently) opel astra GSI. This car had a new engine put in it on 2006, wasn't even ran then left for 12 years and I'm now getting it going again. It's a properly built rally car, the last time it was running was in a race in Chile in South America. I have a pipe...
  2. Pete

    Project S-R

    Right, this will be a slow starter I think, but will (hopefully) gather pace quite quickly once I've actually bought a car :lol: This thread is for my Scrapper Rally entry - from putting together a team, through finding a car, building the entry, and then the Rally itself in August next year...
  3. Alex

    60+ Rally Crashes Vid

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IkgV2f00IE8&feature=related :o