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  1. ADZ

    Astra Bits for sale or free

    Hey guys, I sold my Astra but I have a few bits left over that I need rid of. C16SE engine - free to a good home - 99000 miles on the clock will need stripped and reconditioned (might do someone for parts), was mixing water and oil towards the end but not cooked as I was careful with it, was...
  2. Alex

    Reiger 3dr Sideskirts For Sale

    Reiger Sideskirts They are in excellent condition whi no chunks missing, or scratches. They are also in Gold so will need re-spraying, the door moulding are included although they will be red and are also in good condition. Looking for £100 again these are collection only due to...
  3. nige-p

    Nige's Reiger Astra with Saab Power

    Ok well a few people know about this project and the work has now begun as ive quit my job in retail and my workshop has its new ramps fitted and ive only got one major job on at the moment so had a few hours spare the other day so dropped the engine out of the saab it is a b204 lump which...
  4. KROW

    Will a standard wide-arch kit fit a cabby?

    As in title really, will go well with my plans but need to know if it'll fit, does anyone know? standard skirts do, so I'd imagine it will, maybe need a little work at the back??
  5. nige-p

    My mk3 astra 1994

    Hi guys just thought seen as iam a new member i would post up some pics of my car for you guys the only pics ive got our the ones from before my engine conversion and of my conversion when i actually get a day off i will have to wash it and put up a more recent picture saying that not much has...
  6. Alex

    Alex's Gold LET Astra

    This is how i bought my astra, this was taken at PV last year This is how it looks at the moment. This was taken at the MK3OC rolling road day I have got a Reiger Front and rear bumper to go on, the wheels are being refurbed and sprayed soon, bonnet is being sprayed, i am gettin...