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  1. D

    saab engine into astra?

    hi,guys,firstly id like to introduce myself as im new to the forum,im dave,29 and from sheffield south yorkshire,and been a car fenatic from the day i learned what one was,lol. right,got a 1995 astra 1.8 16v sport and been looking into fitting the saab 2.0 turbo engine into it,been advised its...
  2. Jonjacub

    3.0 saab lump

    right i know saab has gm engine but would it be possible to drop the 3.0 v6 in the astra... i got big dreams for it but i wanna know if its possible and prehaps borow all your know how b4 attempting it i was thinkin the 900s v6??? if it is then is there much that needs changin eg:mount possition...
  3. D

    couple of pics of my 2.3 turbo saab powerd astra van

    me in my new car
  4. nige-p

    Nige's Reiger Astra with Saab Power

    Ok well a few people know about this project and the work has now begun as ive quit my job in retail and my workshop has its new ramps fitted and ive only got one major job on at the moment so had a few hours spare the other day so dropped the engine out of the saab it is a b204 lump which...