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two tone

  1. danh

    Astra 1.4 SPI - the first car (56K heavy-ish)

    seeing as im bored and work has begun on the astra i thought it was time to start a diary for it. Its not going to be to great atm due to insurance and all that at 17 but never mind. 1.4 SPi M reg '94 spectral blue with silver bottom half. 78K for the grand total of under 700 notes A...
  2. Cliff

    the 2.0 sport...

    this my '97 2.0 sport, got her for £500! needless to say, she's needed a bit of fettling! so i've spent a bit of time in here... now she runs well, and doesn't leak oil everywhere either! (yes, there is oil in it) done a bit of an led thing inside, to pass my time (thanks for...