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  1. norman

    1995 Vauxhall Astra MK3 - 1.4 Petrol - Automatic - 5 Door - Excellent Condition

    Hi and thanks for looking. Selling my 1995 Vauxhall Astra MK3 Automatic - 1.4 Petrol - 5 Door It has a genuine 48,000 miles and the condition of the car is immaculate in my opinion. Modern bluetooth radio fitted. Bad point - Reverse gear is hard to initiate (it does go into reverse) and the...
  2. Z

    Another (Different) Mk3 Newb

    Good Day All, As much as I would love to slap a supercharger or a turbo onto the engine and have a surge in power I know this is a near impossible task (Having done some research) without a lot of time and effort. I would appreciate some advice on the best areas (notorious faults) within the...
  3. Atlantis


    hi guys so i made a thread earlier on about my astra c18xe misfiring. whilst driving it lost power and cut out. i limped back home somehow and tried to diagnose the fault. i checked compression on cylinders, all perfect. vacuum pipes were good aswell. i changed the coil pack twice, spark plugs...
  4. Atlantis


    i have a 1994 mk3 atra 1.8 sport.. started with a rough idle, as i suspect its the icv. then on dual carriage way something happened to the car and it lost its power. i somehow limped back home and checked out what was happening. i checked the spark plugs and they was bad so i replaced them. i...
  5. Atlantis

    MK3 Roof Rack Removal

    hi i have an astra mk3 5 door, when i bought it the roof rack was already installed on the roof (genuine vauxhall) i have a key to the roof rack but when i insert the key it doesnt seem to turn nor left nor right. last case scenario the key that came with it may be the wrong key. i really want...
  6. Atlantis

    MK3 Stereo Radio Problem

    hi guys so I have a mk3 astra with its original grundig sc 303 cassette player. I have my sony n5100bt which I want to put in the astra, for some odd reason the sony does not seem to work. I was fighting with this problem a couple days now I got so angry I literally cut the car's connectors and...
  7. Andy_Mk3

    Astra Mk6 - 2010

    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/233740/first_pictures_of_new_astra.html Looks alright I reckon :)
  8. Sinnerboy

    Some pics from Ireland

    Here's some pics from an Irish meet, this meet was the last one of 08, hopefully get a 09 one kicked off soon...Im the chairman of the club VOCI (Vauxhall Opel Club Ireland) so i'll try to keep this section updated with pics for ye :lol:
  9. melv

    MIG - anyone else having probs getting on?

    Yeah, yeah...... roll on the Mike is upgrading the server jokes. Seriously though, anyone having problems getting on? Link in my sig if you don't know what I mean.