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  1. Atlantis

    MK3 Stereo Radio Problem

    hi guys so I have a mk3 astra with its original grundig sc 303 cassette player. I have my sony n5100bt which I want to put in the astra, for some odd reason the sony does not seem to work. I was fighting with this problem a couple days now I got so angry I literally cut the car's connectors and...
  2. Andy_Mk3

    Routing Cables...

    Ok I was looking in my car today trying to figure out the bast way to route cables from my head unit to the boot for my sub. I want all the wires hidden as much as possible. Eventually I thought I'll ask on here.. so how have you guys done it? Ta :)
  3. Alex

    ABS Pin 19

    Does anyone know where Pin 19 from the ABS system on a 92 GSi goes to? Apparently i can run electronic clocks off it as i had TC as well, but want to know if there is a place inside the car to pick it up and what colour wire it would be as don't fancy having to run another wire into the...