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1.6 (X16XEL), spitting flames and rought idle!!! Help

May 30, 2020
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Hello, doing my best to explain my problem clearly as possible:

PROBLEM: Spitting flames, having rought idle (350-500rpm), sometimes shutting off and sometimes running properly on 1k rpms--- Alot of smoke coming out of the exhaust.

WHEN IT STARTED: Driving peacefully on highway, about to make a turn so i clutches and took the gear out, then discovered the engine shut off (because it cant hold idle).. Then drove home and heard like there is a bolt inside my exhaust. When to workshop and found out my catalyc converter is burned and it was making noise. So i took it off and put "straight" pipe to replace it temporarly. After than, when i play with my gas pedal (4000-5000rpm), my car is spitting flames and doing bangs.

Causes?: I think im having rich fuel mixture, because im not burning oil and im not burning coolant, so my exhaust smokes because of the excess fuel?

DID DIAGNOSIS: Only fault code i had was P0505- Idle Control System Malfunction. So i guess thats the Idle Control Valve? If so then this explains the rough idle, but not bangs and flames from my exhaust.

WHAT DID I CHECK: I checked spark plugs, vacuum leaks, looked at the live parameters from the diagnosis program; O2 sensor was working (0,2V - 0,85V), MAP was working (0,1V - 4,85V), Inlet temp sensor idk but i guess it was working (1,98V, outside temp was 2 degrees Cel), throttle positsion sensor was working (0% - 100%).

HOW TO FIX? I dont know... Anyone has any ideas? Maybe some common fault on those engines? Any help is very much appreciated!

P.S! Car was smoking alot before those fault happened, so i think thats why my catalyst burned off in the long term.


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Nov 8, 2009
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Colwyn Bay
I was going to suggest this, pull the plug off it and bridge the pins with a paperclip or something, if it runs better its the cts, had one of these go on all my Astras now.

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