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1994 - Baffles standard on all Vauxhalls???

Feb 20, 2008
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Basically, my petrol gauge has more movement than my speedo and am pretty sure either the tank doesn't have baffles (the wall in the middle to keep the petrol from swashing about) or they've disappeared, so just wondering if anyone can confirm they would have come as standard?

It's a 1.2 'M' Corsa Merit
Fuel gauge reading higher on sweeping bends is common, higher one way lower the other, they don't have much in the way of baffles, but certainly wouldn't have dissapeared anyway.
On most cars there is a voltage stabiliser that is slow acting so it doesn't tend to give different readings on corners, more a average of readings overall, but on the corsa they're not a particularly effective one.
dude I has this same problem with my 1.2 Corsa merit!

The amount it fluctuated was ridiculous. I'm afraid it seems the same with all from what ive heard. You just have to get used to guaging how much fuel you actually have from how high and low it reads lol.... short of coming to a standstill and waiting for it to settle!
My cavalier tank had a pot arrangement that the fuel sender/pump sat in.

The Pattern replacement I fitted didn't have it.

Is your tank a genuine one?
As far as i know its original, it has a hole at the top so I presume its the original, as VIx says, the difference is maxxive, it can read half full going down hill, but empty going up and with the hole, I can't even fill it!

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