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1996 Astra Premier for sale.

Jul 13, 2021
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Due to loss of storage I am forced to sell my Astra Premier. It has the 1.6, 8 valve engine (better than the 16 valve so I have been told). I have owned it from when it was 3 years old. It has a full service history and has always been mechanically maintained with many parts replaced as necessary. It has never let me down and runs extremely well.
There are some cosmetic issues, minor paint defects and chips to windscreen. The radio/ cassette seems to have ceased working recently but presume a new owner would wish to update with a more modern unit anyway. Heater panel illumination bulbs need replacing, aircon not worked for some time and headlining adhesive has partially failed but non of these prevent the car being driven and enjoyed.
The bodywork is mainly sound except for some slight corrosion begining to show on the edges of the rear wheel arches but sills and doors are perfect with no signs of corrosion. There is a small dent on the rear offside just above the bumper which happened about 20 years ago and has no sign of corrosion. It has an MOT from December 2021 with minor advisories regarding brake pipes.
Genuine mileage 140,000.
This will become a future classic with only relatively minor work required to bring up to an excellent standard. Only 76 of this model still on the road out of the 76000 produced.
This car is too good to scrap.
Located in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
Price reduced, now asking for offers in the region of £400.


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