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AL's Merit Progress Thread.

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Jun 8, 2005
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Will add pics and a timeline to this v.soon, but for now, some words on my latest bit's/plans:

Have spent the last day or so stripping out my boot, re-finishing it and adding a few new bit's :D

My carpet has been missing for ages, but i've now removed several bit's of plastic trim (basically everything under the speaker/shelf supports) - rubbed it all down, had fun with some wet and dry, then got high on primer and paint fumes. Finish is really good, especially around the arches - there's some dodgy bit's around the tailgate seal, one run on the right hand side and a few small marks here and there, but overall it looks great all painted up!

Will probably dismantle everything and give it another few coats when I have some more money, and maybe even a coat of lacquer to make it shine up nicely!

On the adding things side, i've now got my lovely new 15" Calibra Spacesaver parked in the spare wheel well - looks great against the blue as it's bright red :D - am going to get a Sparco strutbrace to match it soon - will look great I reckon!
Have also re-mounted my Fire Extinguisher now so that it is supported on the left next to the aerial.

Pics coming soon, or check out the whole car at Trax
Two massive updates:

1. Fitted wheels tonight - badly need's the front lowering, but I think it'll catch on the suspension :(

2. Insurance is deffo going to pay out - so the following will be happening:
Fix Damage.
Colour Coded Mirrors.
Colour Coded De-Locked Handles.
Colour Coded Bumpers.
*POTENTIALLY* A complete blow-over - getting rid of dents/scratches!



Still no pics dude - got to fit my rear seats properly!

Just ordered a set of Pioneer Component's with the adapters from autoleads - will hopefully be fitting those on Saturday along with a fan over-ride switch :D

Better still, from OllyHewitt's soon to be broken Nova, i'm having his snap-off boss with Momo wheel :D

Time to sort a re-trim :p
JVC Headunit has been playing up since Trax, so just said bollocks to it and went on the hunt for a new HU this morning.

After laughing at halfords, getting annoyed at Motorworld and generally pondering, I went down to Car Audio Centre and got an awesome Pioneer unit on the cheap D:

Top service, top quality!
FINALLY got round to fitting my rear strut brace today!

My mate Jay came around so I got him to spanner away while I lay on the floor and held the rear shockers still :p

**** me what a difference it makes though! With the -40mm rear springs, the back end hardly roll's at all now! Need to fit my front springs ASAP to get a good balance :D

Local roundabout where it's possible to get a good bit of speed, gave it death and the back end happily slipped away - luckily caught it :p - great fun though :)

Lot's of speed + corners now....good job it's ont a big engine :lol:
rear strut brace aaayyyyyyyyy :thumbup: always fancied 1 of them, but never worked out how i could build my sub enclosure with a phat strut brace running through it :confused:

going on what you've said tho i think i might have a more serious look tho :thumbup:
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