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AMP must be at least 500 RMS

Jun 8, 2005
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Im needing a cheap but powerfull amp to power my subs.

must be around the £100, Age is not concern but would like it to be in good condition.
You'll be lucky to get 500RMS for £100. How many subs ... how many channels?

Eg: two subs .. can you jsut get two 250RMs amps?
Thats seems the likey way, They are two 12" sony xplods (yeah i know i know) and im basically looking for 250 rms to each of them.

The best way to me seems to buy a multi channel amp and bridge the 4 channels to get it. only thing is cost, how much money would it cost me to get 2 250 RMs amps
Hmm. A fair bit. Have a look on www.talkaudio.co.uk - forums - For Sale Exchange Area

You cold always ditch both, then buy one single better sub? Guy I know had 2 gayboy cheapo subs with about 200 RMS (200 poverty amp watts) and my single JL 12 w3 v2 witho nly 300RMS spanked his, and evne he agreeed :)
i found a gd site....but tbh the stuff looks bit...errr how do i put it....not up2 punishment


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