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Any ideas?

Jan 1, 2010
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i had a lady drive in the side of my gsi this morning:doh: insurance company are on there way to pick it up they think its gna be a write off and are saying cause of age im not going to get much of a payout i just wondered if any one had had a mk3 astra written off and what sort off money they got offered:cool:
we have all had silly low offers. refuse the first one and then get evidence of others the same condition (dont get minters if yours isnt as its false claims then) and show them what yours is worth.
Third party or fully comp??

fully comp- you will loose the car then or you may have the right to buy it back as salvage
Third party? maybe get payout and be able keep the car / repair it yourself and keep using it

To give you an idea... i refused first offer and then got £700 for my old 1.4 ls 5door and this was a K reg around 4-5 years ago now. (it was a mint car though as i'd re-sprayed most of it and had 2 new front wings). I then had the payout and the repairs stood me at £60 ish - new wing, new bumper, paint. I also had enough paint left over to spray the whole car again if I wished.
i am third party fire and theft its going threw other partys insurance as her fault! they picked it up waiting for examaner to call me so trying to find simaler mk3s for sale had 97k on clock diamond black not mint but not much needed doing to it really. thanks for the info
They picked the car up? the inspector came out to mine (was my own insurance as the other drivers didnt bother in the required time)
yes was picked up last night i thought to be taken to the local underwoods but has gone to slough! its all gone threw thw other partys insurance so theve left me a hire car my was ok to drive but techencal a write off im tryingto find a few near same year and milage to show price but not having much luck lol
well had a offer at last! cat c and £350 they seem to think i can replace it 4 that,sent them some simaler cars yesterday so fingers crossed!
£ 350 is a p*ss take !! i got more than that for a td cavalier just before christmas, another mk3 member's car was written off the other day and they offered a simular price i think .... eventually got the offer doubled and kept thecar as a cat c
thats what i said to them got it up to 650 and cat c would off liked bit more but wont be getting it! the lady that done it is deniying its her fault even tho she came straight out a parking bay into the side off me!! so could end up with half the offer!
thats just wrong mate, refusa the offer again. Last year i got nearly 800 quid for an ls diesel estate. Take the 650 from them ONLY if you can buy it back for 100, they may be more inclined to do it that way. To be honest mate i would not worry about what she said, if she has driven into the side of you the only way it could have been your fault is if you were going sideways at the time. Were there any witnesses?
im ok with offer and pay nufin to get car back but now what happens if i cant prove i was not to blame after the crash she left the car park 1st no1 see it and she didnt talk to no1 now all of a sudden she denies responsability and says theres a witness she says she was edgeing out of parking space and it was clear if that had been the case id of hit her with front of my car you can see by damage on mine shes pulled out hit my wing then kept coming and done whole passengers side stupid bi**h!!!
insurance is a crock , even when its not your fault they will still bang the premium up next year crap
exactly so dont worry about what the stupid woman is saying. Concentrate on getting a decent amount of money for the car and getting the car back too
They should know shes trying it on there not stupid, well i mean they "shouldnt" be that stupid to even entertain her bull**** so as said concentrate on getting the car back (which i wouldnt of let them take) and a decent pay out..
thanks and it was taken same day,ive never had claim b4 but usally they come and look also if any1 no's the insurers who have cat c it said needs vic check b4 driving v.o.s.a said if tax and mot and insured might not need vic check and then my insurance company say need fresh mot and a engerneering report!!! help!
Had a few cat-c salvage cars myself, basicly when a car is wrote off an becomes cat-c or cat-d salvage the mot an tax is wiped off the car so it just needs a fresh mot after its been repaired. All (in theory) cat-c cars need a vic check(vehicle identity check) to make sure there aint been rung, its nothing really you take the car there they check the numbers ect ect an you on your way. Now if i were you i would contact dvla tell them the situation an more than likely they will waver the vic an may let you leave the tax on it..

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