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Astra Arctic Ceramic Blue Auto (R-Plate) - Guaging interest!

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Sep 22, 2007
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Halstead, Essex
Hi guys,

Me and the other half both need parts for our Arctics... And am looking at buying the one in the "EBAY" section of the forum.

The car is Ceramic Blue, 5 Door with no Sunroof.

No Engine/Box, complete interior, all panels in tact, everything but engine and box is there.

Got a few prices, most parts will be collection and cash, paypal and postage available on a few items.


Airbag & Wheel - £10
Doors - £15 Each
Lights - £10 a corner
Bumpers - £15 each (Good condition)
Interior (The nice, comfortable Arctic one) - £40
Black Dash with undertray - £30
1.6 16v Auto clocks - £5
Switches - £2 Each
Wipermotors - £10 Each
Front wings - £5 each
Wheel Arch Liners - £5 pair
Parcel Shelf - £5
Brake parts available by arrangement.

Please note - Dashboard will consist of everything bar the instrument panel. The car has air conditioning and therefore, aircon parts can be had as well for a nominal extra fee (If all the parts under the bonnet are there, something along the lines of £25 will get them)

Interior consists of all seats, door cards and seat belts. Carpets, depending on condition will be priced according to condition.

I would like the Bonnet, Front Grille, Front NS Fog Light and maybe, just maybe the bumper. However, the car can be had in its entirity stripped bare for a small fee. The shell is sunroof-less and I'm told is in good order. Car was MOT'd just before coming off of the road.

All help in stripping is welcomed, there are four wheels on the car, and if the tyres are any good, these will be offered as well. Replacements (Bald, buckled etc) MUST be provided.

Postage on smaller items negotiable, however, I prefer cash on collection. Delivery is possible.

hiya mate any air con pipes on it and was it a x16xel engine by any chance, one arctic owner to another fella
As per text Stu ill take the wiring, but would it be possible for to take a butchers at the rear bumper might be worth me buying to help fit my reiger rear.

Rear Bumper is good to go I believe. Wiring is free... Bumper as priced. Foglights themselves may be unavailable due to mine being broken!

hiya mate any air con pipes on it and was it a x16xel engine by any chance, one arctic owner to another fella

It was an X16XEL, not sure on Air Con pipework. If the system is there, £25 for the entirity, if the system isn't there, £5 for pipes.

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