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Astra F28 gear linkage Question??????

Aug 31, 2007
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King's Lynn
Ive tryed to fit my gear linkage to my box today and it wont fit :doh:

the back of it (Near were is mounts to the rear mount) on the box side hits the box and it is stopping it from going on.

Am i doing something wrong here???

Ill add a pic if needed.
What mount part did you use? The alloy part.
So i see on Ebay mate. But my question is; What did the alloy part come from?
Its from the mk3 i thought mate.. cause the holes needed drilling in to the f28.. but i may be rong as this came with mine..
Humm thats what i thought. The way i see it is you need to use an Astra alloy part. And a Cav/Calibra F28 part. Both of witch i have got and it just doesnt fit!

My box is taped out for it to fit.

Were there Alloy part goes down from the linkage bit. At the boom it curves in (Gearbox side) Will were it does that mine hits the box.

I could just sand abit out but surley it should fit. Ive tryed 3 today.
So wer the rubber mount is monted.. it curves away from us in the pic.. is this wer it is hitting?
Yes but on the other side. Its as if it it curving slightly too early.
Thats what ive done...... Im confused as to why it wont fit..... Poxy thing is getting my Dynafile tomorrow!
have you tapped the correct holes and the mount is mounted correctly to the box

Its the same box that was in my Corsa buddy so yes :nod:
Yes and no.
Cant use a Corsa rear mount on an Astra mate.

Just before the Alloy parts meets the mount on the curved bit it is hitting the back of the box.
It sure is. I got rather stressed out over it earlyer. So thought id leave it till tomorrow.

Ill have another look. Get a pic and may attack it with my cool sanding tool :)

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