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Astra GSi 258mm Power-slot Brake rotors, Group buy!!!

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Jun 13, 2005
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OK guys and gals, we have no finalised our new range of brakes for 2006 which we have decided to name "Power-Slot". Now, I wont bore youwith too much tech stuff (unless you really want to know of course!) but suffice to say, these braks work the absolute nuts! The pattern has prooved itself to be extremley efficent when combined with the right pad. Which leads me nicely on to..... Pagid Pads. Much MUCH better then your equivalent EBC or Tar*Ox pad, I think you would be very hard pushed to beat the Pagid pad in terms of quality and performance.

Any one for a pic?...


Dave www.bbpt.co.uk
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Can do fittings on the saturday, how good are the gsi calipers you have?
AL said:
And this is dedication - i'll take me over 2 and a half hours to get there...lol

Might just have to order them up and fit myself :)

Very easy to fit mate, four bolts and youve done the whole job! lol
Bump up the post
Bump up the post
Come on you lot! Dont make me come down there!
can i just buy the pads seperate and get some discs else where £160 is too much piggy bank raping for me
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