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astra gsi bumpers + x16xel mantzel inlet + breaking thread + audio stuff + various

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Apr 19, 2008
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Redhill Surrey
ok this is what i can think of for now however parts will be added now and again during this week

gsi front bumper without fog holes (aka the 1.8 gsi bumper) £75 with tow eye cover

gsi rear bumper without tow eye £40

gsi boot spoiler £30

black centre console in good condition can come with either a heated seat switch coin tray for £25 or with out £10 + postage will throw in black kick panels too

coin tray with heated seat switch £17 posted it has a hole cut in it for an extra cigarette lighter

black dash in reasonable condition £10 collected

heated leather seats with mk3 sub frames, the rears could do with a bit of sorting aesthetically i hand stitched them to the mk3 rear subframes and it wasnt easy lol theyre 100% strong and pass an mot easy and its not noticable theyve been modified when in the car ill get clear pics of this tomorrow
the fronts however are in good condition £60 collected

momo steering wheel with boss to fit to mk3 astra (ph2 if it makes a difference?) paid a fortune for this but im letting it go for £50 + postage (£170 brand new without boss kit!) - http://www.fasteronline.co.uk/produ...urce=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=base

ph2 clocks with blue leds and 80k on the mile counter £20 posted

indicator and wiper stalks £5 posted each

mantzel style manifold with tb, gaskets and everything else needed to fit it £140 this has been used for about...... 200 miles and i got it for £170+ p&p

if anyone is interested in an x16xe with 80k on the clocks and the inlet i will sell for £250 ono you will need to remove it as i havent got the equipment to do so, the engine runs but isnt running right it will be a very minor issue something to do with the inlet as thats when the issue started and since buying my van i just havent been arsed to find out what it is

all other parts are for sale, just ask, large parts like body work are collected unless postable, various other trim and switches etc i will post of course

various screws and minor fittings which we all seem to lose can go for postage as i know its a pain!

a vibe cbr 10 evo 2 (the one with a gold cone) comes with wiring kit with a fast plug however the remote wire screw is broken (pic of this will be added) £70 collected -



these have been priced to sell as i dont have alot of time for back and forth bartering with work atm

"fast payments are rewarded with fast postage"

all items put as collected are collected from SM5 2DQ

fuel pump ill do for £7 posted :beer:
will have to see what the pennies are like, interested in the coin tray. guessing its black?
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