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astra gsi - which way should it go ??

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Jun 13, 2005
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well the gsi is pretty much standard at the mo, nothing major done to any part of the car. got alot of plans for it tho - re-shell, wide arch, big power blah blah. only down side is im loosing interest. all was going well untill i picked up some calibra leather and started fitting it. i can tell you how NOT to fit leather (will add in 'how to' section) but still struggling on how to get it in. ive given myself 2 weeks from yesterday to fit the leather or sell the car !!

il keep this thread posted on what happens. if the leather goes in - keep a look out for a monster of a mk3, if the leather doesnt go in, il be keeping my eye out for another car :lol:
Give it to me, and I'll finish it off for you?
you sure you want the problems ??

twisted inner wings, cracked exhaust manifold, pinking, rust all over, no interior, water leak (from place unknown), interior trim cracked, doors dropped on hinges, hole in fuel tank, sunroof broken, passenger window wont open, needs new front and rear screens, new brakes, new suspension .......... the list goes on !!

only trying to save it because the engine is pretty much mint, just had a top end rebuild including a port and polish. if a new shell comes up cheap enough and i find a way to fit the leather perfectly then il keep it, if not il sell it or break it and start again :D
oh dear dogsy

hang in there mate, ano how you feel

just sort one problem at a time and go from there
will bear that in mind Al, doubt yours will be going cheap enough tho (i pick up mk3s for about £50 each when they come in)

just got back from my 2 weeks in Malta so im all refreshed and ready to get back to work on the car now. just need to find a shell and start building it.
holiday was fantastic mate, really relaxing but mixed with extreme watersports and stuff !!

il keep your car in mind mate, seems i may struggle to find a nice 3 door in decent condition round here. every 1 ive seen in the last 2 months is either falling apart with rust or has 2 doors to many !!
WOOHOO - leather is finally in and sorted :)

need the car this saturday for a wedding so i decided to try and finish getting the leather in. used the calibra rear seat brackets and after about 2 hours work it was all in and sorted !! got my passion for it back now so expect to see some pretty good changes coming soon :)

a how to on the leather will be coming soon.
Nice, keep it going!
thats the plan mate, get it sorted and into a show car over winter. got my garage all ready so im on the lookout for a new shell then the changes will really start :)
few pics of the leather now its in .......


gotta fix the rear bench down somehow, and ive got the fire ring to put in the exhaust which will hopefully get rid of the horrible noise the engine is making (if not - its a new £300 manifold, then the head comes off again !!)
so things are still going on with my scrapper, just not as quickly as i'd like :thumbdown
the bolster is slightly worn, but ive got a new bolster going in for £40 (major trade discount ;) ) only paid £120 for the full interior, got the door cards in the garage which im gonna pull apart and use the leather for mine :thumbup:
AL said:
Ben: If you wanna get leather, i'll look in to purchasing your bucket's off you...

Hell, we could even do a p/x for my Cally interior - driver's bolster is split though :(

ummmmmmmmmm! have you modded the rear brackets already? how much would you give me for the 4 point harnesses, 2 cobra monaco seats and the adapter bars?
just drawn up the shopping list for my car, im having the work done on the house in the next week or so which means il have plenty of money spend on the car. heres the list so far ........

new 3 door shell
koni suspension kit
black diamond brake disks, pads, and braided hoses
new SBD exhaust manifold
QED reprofiled cams
quickshift short throw gear lever
17" Azev A wheels, 245/40/17 rears, 215/40/17 fronts
Rieger infinity wide arch kit
respray in blue (exact shade yet to be mixed)
new steering wheel (sparco or momo)
tinted windows

theres still more to add but that list should see me with 180bhp and a stunning looking motor.

work should hopefully start in 3 weeks or so.

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