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Astra Mk3 1.4CD 1993 for spares or repair.


Roy Abraham

I am wondering if any members might be interested in a "project"?

I have a 1993 Mk3 Astra CD 1.4, which has been in my family since new and has been in regular use from new until 2 weeks ago. It then suffered a cooling system problem, which at best may be a cooling fan failure, boil-up, and subsequent coolant loss. or at worst may be a head gasket blown, although there are none of the usual signs in the oil or exhaust. The car is original and was running well up to the point of failure and is still running.

MOT is until April '18.

If it were summer I would simply repair it and carry-on. Unfortunately, due to my current circumstances and time of year, I am unable to spend the time or store the car until I have time. I must, therefore, dispose of it and quickly. It seems a shame to scrap the old girl, not least because I've only recently put 4 new tyres on and a new exhaust tail section.

As I had intended to keep it there are also quite a few parts and consumables to go with it, oil, filters etc.

The bonnet is dented, but there is a spare bonnet to fit, It currently runs on steel rims (with 2 additional spare ones), but I also have the original CD alloy wheels. There is also a brand new as yet unfitted GM original equipment radio/CD unit.

I have the original books and much paperwork.

I have had a scrap value offer, but would rather, for a similar sum of money, it went to someone who could appreciate it and fix it ,

I am located in Bedfordshire on the Luton/Dunstable border and can be contacted by return email or on 07941764185.

Please contact me ASAP if you think anybody would be interested as I am under great pressure to make the space available for another vehicle.

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