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astra ph1 cesaro +red top engine

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Jul 17, 2006
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breaking a astra ph 1 cesero in diamond black due to unforseen circumstances also a red top engine gearbox plus everything needed to put in astra i bout it off ben on here £300 for engine prices on bits off astra on asking cheers
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Clear indicators????

are they any good, and some pics please :)
backbox no good but i do have a stainless universal backbox for sale good nick £10 bootlid and front wiper motor £20
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what condition is the passenger front wing in ?
any scratches/marks/dents or rust?
if not how much
its got 1 or 2 scratches on nothing serious were dogs jumped on it ill get pics sorted tomorrow so you can judge for yourself cheers i cant get a clear pic of passenger side cos its against wall but theres no rust its better than drivers side
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Is it a 3 or 5 door?
have you still got the Cat, if so how much? (as long as it's ok)
also how much for the coil pack?
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any chance you can take another pic of the backbox, what size is the end?

also what would postage be to rg421tl?
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