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Astra Polly carb windows WTD

Aug 31, 2007
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King's Lynn
As above. There was on company on Ebay selling them quite awile ago but i cant seem to find them now.

Does anyone know were i can get them from?
theres a kiddy on here mk9ds i think he dose track racing mate he may be able to help you bud
See, I just couldn't do it. Never get my big mac through that little hole. :lol:
Open the door then :lol:
They never give you enough room now, put these dirty great bollards next to the window.
Honestly the golden arches are just not accommodating enough for the average track car!
how about buy the rear windows and leave the fronts
Yer was considering that idea, maybe go well with a fibreglass boot.
Then i thought maybe i should concentrate on putting an engine in it and actually making some progress lol.
That would be a good plan lol
Shiny engine things being ordered from PEC this week. :D
I should be picking mine up this week/weekend :D
Woohoo! I'm not the only one to kick the crap out of their wallet!
2k with more to go and thats with leaving my topend the way it is :doh:
Starting with a gentle £1K on the engine, then moving on from there.
Suspension i want is £680 +VAT!!
Last edited:
£60 is cheap :lol:

You on about the Gaz Coilovers? If so maybe they will do abit of discount of 2 pairs. But saying that. I only need fronts.
:lol: edited.

Yes its the Gaz stuff i'm looking at, namely the Gold kits.
Dunno can't hurt to ask mind, always up for some discount. :D
Would be nice :)

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