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Astra Sri c20se to c20xe conversion

Mar 1, 2010
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I am looking to swap the engine in my '93 Sri for a red top. Looking through the forums it sounds very straight foward and i am good with the spanners but I would like to know what i'm letting myself in for before I start.

I will buy the engine with ECU, loom, gearbox and manifolds. My questions are

Does the ECU/Loom plug into the 8v loom?
Will my driveshafts fit or do i get them from the donor?
Will coolant hoses & radiator from my car fit?

Anything else i need to think about/purchase for the conversion?

You'll need to change the loom, 8v and 16v management are different.

Your driveshafts will be fine, and I'm pretty sure your existing rad and hoses will be OK too, or at least some of them will be.
I am aware the loom and ecu will need to be from the xe but how much of the loom? Is it just the engine loom or is it more than that, also is it a case of unplugging the old one at a connection point or is it a solder in job?

You`ll already have the f16 box so that would be fine,only the actual engine to change.

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