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Bargain Mk3

Jul 23, 2009
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Stuttgart, germany
Body work (rebuilding Astra G front fenders and drag to pack Golf IV wheel arches) Candy-effect
By 2006, Fully rebuilt, bodywork 140.000 km, engine about 4,000 km
Rieger Verspoilerung around
Doors and tailgate are gecleant, opening the doors is done electrically.
On the front axle 8,5 x17 Brock B1 are polished to 215/40 R17 tires (brand new) mounted
The rear axle is 10x17 Brock B1 polished to 235/40 R17 tires fitted
KW Coilovers Varinate II (Inox)
Steel flex brake lines HA VA
Intercooler - custom made
Mocale Ölküler including installation kit
Spal High Performance Fan
Walbro Innentankpumpe, external tank, Bosch Motorsport pump
70mm stainless steel exhaust system (throughout) including 100 cells Rennsportkat:
FK clear-glass headlights and turn signals
Black Irmscher rear lights
M3 mirrors (manually adjustable)
Wiechers Strut VA HA
Exterior Styling
King K5000 leather seats in a special color combination
Interior components such as dashboard, Türpappen, roof lining, gearshift ****, leather handbrake lever can relate
Kunsstoffteile all painted in the interior
electric Schroth harness belts
Momo Millennium steering wheel including hub
Fuel pressure, boost pressure and oil pressure
Multi-function display for example Show the values of Lamda
Carguard Pentagon alarm
Sony CD Radio Blaupunkt Speakers
Engine block including additional cooling ducts, piston cooling, Carillo connecting rods, forged pistons Woessner, KW and facilitated fine balanced, steel flywheel, Sachs sintered metal clutch; Z20LET pump
Cylinder head machining
Conversion to mechanical valve (mechanical tappets, CatCam Springs, mech. Camshafts)
Garrett GT30 turbocharger
Stainless steel exhaust manifold GT30
Turbo Smart wastegate
F28 gearbox - Quaife differential lock
Spaltsaugrohr Throttle inc
TEC3 control unit including wiring harness, sensors, Doppelzündspule (STG is already 4 upgraded to Wintec!)
Vote on the chassis dynamometer
Registrations in the locking (C20LET engine Q28 Getirebe, in performance to 315KW, in conjunction with TEC3 engine, intercooler, Garrett GT30R, revised intake manifold, Abgaskrümmeranl. Consisting of HJS Kar, VSD / MSD / ESD with 90mm pipe, thread suspension, brakes, wheels, car body kit Rieger , headlights, taillights, in conjunction with a separate rear fog lamps and red reflectors, Momo steering wheel, Schroth belts, Exterior Styling


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