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battery light



i hit a rather big flood earlier 2-nite @ speed cos i did'nt c it:tape: 1st of all my clutch was playing up (juddering) but thats ok now & now my battery light is coming on when i put the heated seats on, will it just b a case of water got inside it & hopefully dry out or have i naffed it? the belt aint squeeling though :beer:
ok but its more money going into the heap of sh1t :doh: i can c it getting sold on soon or broke:lol:
well mate waters probs got to the alternator - it will dry out :)
you changed a cambelt without changing the water pump ? :doh:

that will teach you !!

9 times out of 10, a water pump will always always break down soon after a cam belt change. This is why it is important to change the 2 together. You got to take the belt off again now to change it.

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