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Black Carpet

Jul 21, 2008
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Newport, South Wales
Hey guys! I am searching for a black carpet that is not too far away to collect or be able to pick up at Ludlow! No holes must be in a decent condition!

for your living room or your boot or what? :lol:

I should of known someone would say that :P its for the car, I want to replace my grey carpet since I have to take it out this weekend to dry out, so I might as well put black carpet back in :P
got an absolute mint set here mate about 30 miles from ludlow if your interested
No mate no joy yet! come on guys someone must have black carpet they want to sell or give :D
did they do black carpet i thought it was gray and dark gray
did they do black carpet i thought it was gray and dark gray

Bugger if I know wayne I haven't really sat and had a proper look at people carpet :laugh: if its dark grey then its dark grey I am after :)
i was after black carpet last year and was told it,s dark gray not black ... the best thing to do is dye it black

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