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Bob's aka Madhaggis's Astra

Jun 8, 2005
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Fife, Scotland
Bob's aka Madhaggis's Astra - Pics Added

1997 MK3 Astra 1.4 LS 5 door - Undergoing 2.0 8v Conversion

Cavalier SRi 130bhp 20SEH Engine.

Standard F16 5 speed gearbox

Lowered 35mm.

Cavalier SRi Front Disks & Pads, Standard Rear Drums

Wheels & Tyres
15" 5 Spoke RH Alloys

V-Grille Removed and meshed.
Pink side repeaters (To be removed for smoked ones, idiot previous owner!)
Headlight Brows, unsure about these may leave them on but probably take them off.

Racing Gearknob,
Would like to fit an Astra Sport Black Interior.

ICE & Security
Alpine 7876RB Head Unit
Pioneer Components in the Front Doors.
Alpine 6x9s, will be changed for OE fitting speakers in the rear.
Kenwood 800w Amp
2x 12" Kenwood 700w Subs in boxes.

The weekend was eventful, Cav Engine is now bolted into place. Having a look I will need 2x Wishbones and 2x Track rod ends for the MOT, will pick these up tonight. Few problems encountered so far, Locking wheel nuts! One wheel came off no bother using the hammer & socket method other wheel had 2 bolts that just werent playing them. Solution? Removed complete strut and used angle grinder to cut through hub and removed them fookers that way! 2nd problem gear linkage was different, Astra had male connector and SEH linkaged also had male connection! rectified by using linkage from old gearbox. 3rdly the Astra Frontpipe wont reach the Cav manifold so Cav Frontpipe will be cut and welded in. Will also need to weld a pipe in place of the CAT as it is no longer needed.

Still to do-
- Fit Wishbones & Track Rod Ends (I hate fooking wishbones)
- Fit Cav shocks to Astra Springs & top mount then fit.
- Weld/Bodge the exhaust.
- Sort out the wiring Arghhh!
- Pray for an easy MOT

Main problem lying ahead is the wiring, I will post in the techy section for some advice on this. Havent had to change the wiring on a car before so should be fun.

Will sort out pics as soon as the car is MOT'd, no point just now because it is dirtier than Abi Titmuss.

Not quite as exciting as some of the cars on here but it is a start! I seen Lewis's spec and decided to lay mine out the same! :)

Bob :)
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All suspension fitted now, Exhaust welded up. Engine Loom in. It is a complete car! Had it running the other night but not since! lol Think I need another earth. Shouldnt be too much of a problem. Now only got silly things to do like fill up the gearbox oil, bleed the brakes and sort the gear linkage so it actually finds all the gears!

Bob :)
Earth problem solved, Car running sweet,
Gear linkage adjusted.
Induction Kit Fitted, Cav airbox is too big!

All thats left to do is bleed the brakes and get it MOT'd.

Thank Fook I will have a car again soon!

Bob :)
cool! need pics :D
AL said:

Sounds like a nice project - doing it all yourself too deserves respect :D

More like I need my head read! lol Will take pics once its MOT'd car has been sitting too long and needs a REALLY good clean and polish! Just hope the fooker passes easy enough now, done the wishbones and the usuals so fingers crossed. Hopefully the car will be MOT'd, Taxed and stereo fitted before next weekend. Sick of not having a car.

Bob :)
Car is gonna be back in for its MOT Tomorrow, everything sorted apart from the emissions, garage is gonna do that while retesting. I have added some pics, not great though. Car has a few chavvy mods that I think I will remove! lol Were on the car when I got it.





looks lovely, once i get a second job ill be getting an induction kit and a proper back box then we can have a little play lol. love the grill but loose the petrol cap.
My opinion is loose the petrol cap & The trim above the exhaust for the time being. Only thing putting me off is I dont know how sticky they are! Dont want to damage the paint taking them off!

Bob :)
less is more mate

junk the 'lightbrows' as well

if you want the badboy look sort your bonnet and it will look tough

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