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Bouncing rev counter 1.7TDS 98 ?

Mar 2, 2009
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Hi, Car starts from cold no probs when warms up rev counter bouncing about on idle. Had battery and alternator checked by bloke at garage said all ok have changed fuel filter oil filter and air filter plus done oil change and plonked some
Redex Diesel Treatment in the tank - have noticed when put rear window demister on it steadys up a little!

Anyone got any ideas wot could be matter ? Any help would be v much appriciated.:doh:
could possibly have a broken earth strap on engine or alternator.
Have checked earth and all seems ok there
theres more then one earth though, battery earth, engine earth, alturnator earth. gearbox one. i had a similar problem when gunked the engine bay to clean it up, must of got something wet but it soon went

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